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Cost of studying Medicine in Canada

MBBS in Canada: Cost

The total cost can be divided into pre-arrival and post-arrival and settlement costs. These are approximate costs since the accurate figures are hard to calculate. We have not mentioned the tuition fees in this list because it is mentioned separately. The cost of living in Canada differs for all as it is largely based on the lifestyle of the student.

Pre-arrival Costs

Visa Cost- Study Permit 150 CAD, Work permit 155 CAD (Extra costs may be incurred for supporting documents)
Language Proficiency Test Costs – IELTS (240 CAD), TOEFL (180 CAD)
NEET cost – 1500 INR
MCAT costs – 320 CAD -360 CAD
Insurance cost – Varies
Post arrival and settlement cost

Accommodation – Upwards of 300 CAD per week
Public transport costs – Around 80 CAD a month
Food and beverage cost – Between 100-200 CAD per month

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