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15 Scholarships for Equatorial Guinea Students in Canada 2024

There are so many job or career importunities in Canada. Some includes, bar-tending, Delivery jobs, teaching, Shop assistant, trucking, cleaning services, Job managing and many others.

However in this article, we will be talking about some career opportunities in Toronto and how to apply for them.

City of Toronto

About Toronto, Canada

Toronto is the capital city of the Canadian province Ontario. Toronto is the most populous city in the whole of Canada. Toronto is known to be one of the cities with high employment rate recording 1,451,520 jobs shared in the year 2021.

List of Jobs in Toronto, Canada

There are two mains streams of employments in Toronto, Canada. They are:

  1. Government jobs
  2. Private owned jobs

Government Jobs in Toronto, Canada

It is always good to serve your country by working in any of its sector to improve the economy. Government jobs in Toronto, Canada are the occupations provided by the Government of Canada to it citizens and other foreigners who deem fit. Employers that work in this sector are often called public servants.  

Below are some of the government jobs in Toronto, Canada:

Note: These jobs are grouped into full-time and part-time

  • Public services and Procurement Canada(PSPC) – Full-time
  • TD Bank employment vacancies – Full-time
  • Court administration service – Full-time
  • Corporate services – Full-time
  • Information and technology services – Full-time
  • Clerical jobs – Full-time
  • Federal Economic Development Agency – Full time
  • Dental Technician – Full time and many more

How to get a Government Job in Toronto, Canada

  1. Search for jobs
  2. Read job postings to get more and precise important detailed information
  3. Understand the statement of merit criteria for the job application
  4. Use a professional and a well-detailed resume or cover letter
  5. Apply for the job
  6. Prepare and take and interview
  7. Send a follow up email

Private Jobs in Toronto, Canada

These private jobs are mostly owned by various citizens in the country or province. Below are some of the employments from this sector:

  • Child care – Full-time or Part-time
  • Operations Officer – Full-time
  • Elementary Co-Teachers – Full-time
  • Cleaning Services – full-time or Part-time and many more

How to get a Private Job in Toronto, Canada

  1. Make sure you are eligible to work in Toronto
  2. Consider the job available
  3. Find a recruiter
  4. Make sure your CV is up to date
  5. Apply for a work permit (Canadian work permit)
  6. Apply for the job.

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