Author: MA Mega

Capitec app not working?[SOLVED]

The Capitec app is a lifesaver, letting you manage your finances on the go. But what happens when it decides to take a break? Don’t worry, fellow Capitec user, help is here! This guide tackles common issues and offers solutions to get…Read More »

UL Online Facilities login

Being a UL student comes with a handy advantage: the UL Online Facilities portal. This one-stop platform acts as your key to a range of academic activities, accessible from the comfort of your home. Whether you’re checking admission status, registering for courses,…Read More »

Capitec app

How do I download Capitec app? Capitec app not working How do I transfer money from capitec without the app? Ah, South Africa. Land of braai, sunshine, and… banking woes? Not anymore, friends! If you haven’t hopped on the Capitec app bandwagon…Read More »