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Video : Unapologetic Sarkodie Apologizes To Samini

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Multiple award-winning Ghanaian rapper, Sarkodie has done the honorable thing by apologizing to Sarkodie even though he has made it clear that not all the things Samini mentioned are true and that he also doesn’t believe in all the things Samini said about him .

Sarkodie took the opportunity to apologize to Samini after Andy Dosty of Hitz 103.9 raised the issue during an interview .

The main issue between Samini and Sarkodie is the fact that Sarkodie had been accused by Samini of not reciprocating favors adding that he would never ask Sarkodie for a feature .

He also indicated that he would never also feature on any song from Sarkodie due to the fact that after sending three songs to Sarkodie, Sarkodie settled on one song to lay his verse on but till today, Sarkodie has not gone by his words.

“If you call me and I tell you to take your time, you don’t understand. But it’s all good, him feeling like that I don’t have any control over that, but I can only say sorry to how he feels not necessarily because I agree with everything he is saying but that’s how he feels, my mind is really not on the things he is talking about and to make some things clear, I said it in the beginning I treat things differently from how people will treat things…”⁠

“…I wont call it pain because I don’t really care because that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen to you, everybody has something happening to them so I get it. He has expressed, if you want to take people to court and say Sarkodie does things for me quick, you will have a thousand people who will also say it, some people will also say, I don’t do things quickly, you understand, I told Bulldog, I just recorded not because the music is not good, you could hear a song that is so good but maybe you don’t hear yourself and you are trying to find the pocket in the song and one day you do it and some songs they send to you like 2 seconds, probably, if I send you a song and you really loved it that moment, you did it.⁠

I didn’t figure it out, I’m not talking about him, it could happen as in general so to my brother I’ll just definitely say sorry for how he feels, not endorsing the fact that everything he is saying is what I believe in and think it’s the truth but if he says he feels like that then I am sorry” he added.⁠

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