Video: Two SHS Students Caught On Video Enjoying Themselves In A Classroom


It is so disheartening how our SHS students seem so corrupt so far as good morals are concerned.

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On several occasions, videos of SHS students exhibiting their love and obsession for sexual pleasure and adventures have hit social media and no end seems to be in sight.

Another video has once again hit social media.

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In this video, one male SHS student is seen stucked to the backside of the female SHS Student as they enjoy themselves.

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At a point , the boy moves his hands around the thighs of the girl and even tried lifting the dress of the girl up to expose her underpants.

Evident that the girl was so much concerned about the act, she positioned the hand of the boy on her boobs for him to smooch her.

It must be noted that there were some other students in the classroom even as they enjoyed themselves.




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