Video: Rev Obofour Challeges Kwaku Manu If He Has Never Cheated On His Wife


Ghana’s finest cum realest preacher alive, Rev. Obofour of Anointed Palace Chapel (APC) fame over the weekend blessed the marriage ceremony of one of his junior pastors.

In the course of the blessing sermon, told the groom that if he desires to cheat, he should do that smartly.

“A wise husband who is cheating on the wife must be smart enough for her not to find out. When he reaches home, he puts his phone on switch off. A wise husband does not give blood pressure to his wife for her to die. A wise man must be smart enough not to call another lady in front of his wife and say ‘hello darling’.

“When you have another girlfriend, you can save her name ‘Cement owner’, when her name is Linda, you can save it ‘Land Guards’, she’s called Portia but you can save it ‘protocol’. Her name can be Anita but you save it ‘IGP’. Only a wise husband can do this. But if you don’t have sense, you’ll allow your wife to catch you and your marriage will break down”, he said further.

During his advice, he turned to actor Kwaku Manu and dared him since his wife is not in Ghana whether he has never cheated on his wife and he answered that once a while he does.



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