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Best Mechanical Engineering Schools in Canada

Engineering is one of the major programs for the infrastructural growth of a country. To gain a Canadian degree in engineering, you must apply into one of its engineering institutions and spend 4 – 5 years learning an engineering program.

Find in this article the list of 10 universities in Canada that offers Engineering.

  1. University of Toronto
    The university of Toronto is one of the best universities in Canada. it was ranked 18th position in the Best Glovla Universities. The university has an Engineerinf g faculty and tge tuition fee is 47,020 CAD
  2. University of British Columbia
    University of British Columbia is ranked 30th in tge Best Global Universities. The university is known for its prestigious provision of industry professionals. The tuition fee is 35,418 CAD
  3. University of Waterloo
    With the admission of 9, 500 students, the university of Wayerloo is the biggest engineering school in Canada. The university is ranked 217th in the Best Global Universities. The tuition fee for engineering is 33,770 CAD
  4. MCGILL University
    McGill University comes under tge top 3 universities in Canada durme to it’s strong focus on innovations and updated technology. The tuition for engineering is 37,054 CAD
  5. University of Alberta
    Alberta University has around 4,000 undergraduate and 1,500 postgraduate students in the faculty of engineering. The tuition fee is 25,655 CAD
  6. University of Montreal
    University of Montreal is noted for it’s french speaking prowess. The university is ranked the 139th position in the Best Global Universities. The tuition fee for engineering is 23,662 CAD
  7. University of Calgary
    Calgary is the engineering capital of Canada. It is known for its highest rate in admission of female students. The tuition fee for engineering is 1224 CAD per units.
  8. The University of Western Ontario
    University of western Ontario is one of tge leading university in health science and engineering. It provides students with prerequisite skills during their study.
  9. Queens University
    The tuition fee for engineering is 30,120 CAD.
  10. McMaster University.
    There are two divisions in the McMaster school of engineering. They are tge school of engineering practice and the Biomedical engineering school. The tuition fee is 26,834 CAD.

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