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Top 10 Acting or Drama Schools in Canada 2024

Have you ever thought of becoming an actor or actress. if you have then this article is going to help you because in here, we are going to talk about some of the top acting and drama schools in Canada and how you can apply into them.

Cost of Studying in a Canadian Acting School

Acting schools in Canada can be expensive at times. And this depends on tge institution and acting program you choose.
A source claims that the one-year Acting for Film and Television Program charges Canadian citizens $20,500 and foreign students $30,500. Canadians pay $7,500 in tuition for the four-month Acting Essentials course; international students pay $10,500.

List of top 10 Acting Schools in Canada.

1. The Canadian College of Performing Arts

This is one of the best acting school in Canada. Use the link below to access every information about the school. Use this link to access more information:

2.Second city Toronto

Use this link to access more information:

3.Vancouver Film School

The Vancouver Film School is one of the best Acting Schools in Canada. It offers two acting programs: an essential four-month acting course and a one-year acting program for film and television. Use the link below to access more information:

4.National Theather School of Canada.

This school is established in Montreal in 1960 and offers professional studies in English. Use the link below to access more information:

5.Toronto Academy of Acting and Film and Television School

Toronto Academy of Acting for Film & Television is the only film school and acting school that has access to all film and television projects throughout Canada, making it one of the best film schools in Canada. Use the link below to obtain more information about the school:

6.Simon Fraser University

Tuition Fees for international students at Simon Fraser University reading acting programs ranges from $2,770 CAD to $12,125 CAD. Use the link below for more information:

7.University of British Columbia Department of Theatre and Film

This is one of the best acting schools in Canada, where you can get a quality education. This department was established in 1908, and has since then proven to be among the top 20 public universities in the world and the top three in Canada. Use the link below to access the school:

8.Red Deer College

This school was established in 1964 and has offers an undergraduate program. To apply into the school, use the link below:

9.Ryerson University

To know more the university and apply, use the link below:

10.Capilano University School of Motion Picture Arts

This university offers some of the outstanding programs in Canadian acting schools. Son of their programs include cinematographic arts, 2D animation and visual development, 3D animation for movies and games, costumes for stage and screen, digital visual effects, documentary, and indigenous independent digital cinema. To apply, use the link below:

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