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The Dominance Of Sexpreneurship: A Threat To The Ghanaian Society

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Sexpreneurship is killing this country at a very great speed. It seems to be the easy way out in this difficult economy. Many ladies see it as normal to offer sex to men for cash just because they need money to survive.

As a result of this, some ladies have had sex much more than their parents and have had the chance to sleep in so many beds in different parts of the country. These ladies would deny that they are into prostitution but are so proud to indicate that they are only into Hook Up. Truthfully what is the difference between Hook Up and Prostitution?

Sex is no more sacred. It is now offered on a silver platter; very cheap and accessible to any person who has cash.

Interestingly the trade of exchanging sex for cash has become very rampant and the spots for such transactions are easy to come by. East Legon, Cantonments, Osu, Lapaz and Odorkor readily come to mind so far as sexpreneurship is concerned.

More often than not, any lady who sets herself to do this business may not need any capital; all one needs to do is to just dress scantily and expose some sensitive parts of the body and join the squad of other sexpreneurs at some of the mentioned spots.

Sexpreneurship has become a menace due to the fact that most of these are also into alcohol, cigarettes, marijuana and other hard drugs. It may interest you to know that ladies who engage in sexpreneurship by standing along our roads are less than those who engage in the practice from the comfort of their homes.

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With the advent of social media, many ladies who have had some level of education either working or unemployed use social media to engage in sexpreneurship. These ladies do not need to stand by the roadside.

They only need to be on social media and make themselves visible enough to any man who may have interest in them.

The process of getting the service of any sexpreneur isn’t cumbersome; a man needs to be bold and make it known to any sexpreneur his intention of having sexual pleasure. This man would easily have his way in a short time only if he has money to pay for the service of the sexpreneur. Why are we doing this to ourselves?

Sex has now become a commodity that is bought with money.

The dominance of sexpreneurship and it’s effects are enormous and extremely detrimental to the Ghanaian society. Through sexpreneurship, there is the spread of several sexually transmitted diseases, frequent incidence of abortions, death as well as the spiritual connotations that are connected to the practice.

It is disheartening to know that there are so many responsible parents out there who are doing their best to raise their children but these same children show their appreciation to their parents by secretly indulging in sexpreneurship.

Parents are living with their children but do not know that their children are sexpreneurs and perhaps are experts so far as different sex positions are concerned and may have several sexual bouts and experience much more than they have .

Some of these ladies have made enough cash through the trade and see support from their parents are unnecessary.

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You have so many responsible guys out thinking they are dating ‘marriage materials’ but in reality they are dating sexpreneurs or sex addicts. These same guys end up marrying sexpreneurs without the slightest idea.

Due to their lifestyles, these ladies aren’t able to give birth due to the several abortions they may have had. They even find it difficult to stick to their husbands as they have experienced men with different penis size.

Some of these ladies get married and still continue with the trade even though they had promised themselves to discontinue with the trade right after marriage.

As a matter of fact, sexpreneurship is a menace and a canker that needs to be eradicated from the Ghanaian society as a matter of urgency. Interestingly there is no hope in sight especially as the menace seems to be on the ascendency. As a matter of urgency, the sexpreneurship needs to be addressed and stopped.


Sexpreneurship is the business initiative undertaken by any lady by availing herself for sex in exchange for cash .

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