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Teamwork of Africa Power International Showcase Ghanaian Culture Through Music

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Teamwork of Africa Power International Showcase Ghanaian Culture Through Music

There are so many cultural groups in Ghana but obviously one group that is well-recognised and always part of any major music festival in Ghana is Teamwork of Africa Power International.

Over the years, Teamwork of Africa Power International have been showcasing the Ghanaian culture to Ghanaians and other nationals all over the country and its important to note that they are great ambassadors of the Ghanaian culture.

As part of their activities to propagate the Ghanaian culture , Teamwork of Africa Power International organised a free music concert over the weekend and they dished out some of their great compositions to all those who patronised the show.

It is important to note that any time Teamwork of Africa Power International  mounts the stage to perform, its always fireworks as they are able to feed their audience with great music soothing to the ears.

The free music concert put together by Teamwork of Africa Power International  recorded a massive attendance and it was a sight to behold as many people could not help it but to take to the dancing floor to dance their hearts out to the melodious and soothing songs churned out Teamwork of Africa Power International .

Intermittently , the leader of Teamwork of Africa Power International ,Derrick Kwadwo Antwi,took the opportunity to educate the audience on Ghanaian culture and its refreshing to note that he has a firm grasp of the Ghanaian culture.

In an exclusive interview with megashowbiz.com after the music concert, Derrick Kwadwo Antwi expressed his satisfaction and gratitude for all those who attended the concert and made it a huge success.

He indicated that Teamwork of Africa Power International would continue to feed Ghanaians and all nationals with the best of authentic Ghanaian music that portrays the Ghanaian culture which is characterized by traditional drumming and dance like kete, gome, seprew, atumpan and etc.

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Apart from Derrick Kwadwo Antwi, some of the talented and musically-inclined members of Teamwork of Africa Power International include Selorm Sarbah ,Dorcas Anokye,Stephen Donko,Selasie Kwaku,Linda Osei Bonsu, Wisdom Adibo and many more.

Over the years, Teamwork of Africa Power International have been consistent and resolute in their resolve to showcase the rich Ghanaian culture through music like adowa, kpanlogo, borborbor etc.

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