Surprise! Tracey Boakye Celebrates Her 30th Birthday With A Prayer


Its always a good and a nice feeling on one’s birthday and that’s exactly how Ghanaian actress, Tracey Boakye feels.

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Tracey Boakye is celebrating her 30th birthday and her happiness is beyond measure and comprehension.

The controversial Ghanaian actress ,on the occasion of her 30th Birthday, has taken to social media to say a word of Prayer thanking God for her life and how far he has brought her in this life.

Ghanaian Boxer, Isaac Dogboe Expresses His Desire To Die

She also expressed her gratitude to God for giving her a strong heart to fight back thousands of people when they all stood against her for no apparent reason.

Tracey Boakye further requested for long life ,good health and a strong heart for the more years ahead of her.

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Prior to the 30th birthday, Tracey Boakye had been all over social media anticipating the big day when she turns 30 despite the fact many people think she is already more than 30 years old.



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