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Students in Canada enjoy a variety of scholarship opportunities which ensures smoothness in their academic life. Scholarships such as government grants and loans are given to needy students to aid their education. A common scholarship opportunity in Canada is the Canadian Centennial Scholarship fund (CCSF) established in 1967 which is to help Canadian students enrolled in universities in the UK and other countries. Emphasis will be made more on Scholarship for students in Canada and how it is applied.

A known scholarship opportunity for Canadian students which is the Canadian Centennial Scholarship Fund (CCSF) which offers Scholarships to students in disciplines comprising Science, Engineering, Social science and humanities as well as music, creative arts and design. The Scholarship committee mostly assess applications and choose qualified candidates through interviews usually in the month of April and successful students are being notified in the month of May. The CCSF has awarded 1,000,000 euros to over 500 talented Canadians in universities across the U.K.

Though the scholarship is opened to all Canadian students, there are some eligibility requirements needed before the scholarship can be granted to students. Applicants should make sure to verify vividly the opening and closing dates as they frequently vary from year to year. The scholarship opportunity is for students who have already commenced their post graduate or considerably their undergraduate programs. Applicants are mostly invited for interviews and successful students are indicated. Scholarship awards will be given upon receipts of proof of registration and confirmation that students are enrolled and continuing their program of study in reliable Universities in the UK and probably countries around the world.

Applicants are to prove their stand as Canadian citizens by providing a valid Canadian passport. Students must strictly be Canadians or must have lived in Canada. They also must be enrolled in post graduate programs in Universities. Students undertaking a year program are not eligible to apply for the scholarship. Furthermore, applicants must be able to portray academic excellence. Students are to provide two referees, a short CV, a file of the main page of their valid passport and a transcript from their recent completed degree or high school. These are the requirements needed to apply for various Scholarship opportunities in Canada especially the Canadian Centennial Scholarship Fund. Students who fail to provide these requirements are rejected and denied the scholarship opportunity. All requirements and eligibility demands are to be sent to the CCSF through their online platform (

Summing the whole content in this article, Canadian students are known to enjoy various Scholarship opportunities including the Canadian Centennial Scholarship Fund which upon further assessing of students’ requirements choose qualified students to be given the award or opportunity to further education without contributing much of their dime.

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