Pataapa And Girlfriend Reunite As They Plan To Get Married


From the looks of things Ghanaian musician Patapaa and his German girlfriend Liha have resolved their issue and are set to get married after Liha was rumored to have cheated on Pataapa with a Nigerian singer.

Few weeks ago, it was reported that Liha Miller had dumped Patapaa for a rich Nigerian celebrity and the two were seen chilling in Nigeria.

Well, in a recent Instagram page of Liha, she has debunked the rumors by sharing some photos with her beloved Patapaa looking all adorable and hinted that in about seven days time, Ghanaians will be surprised with a news.

Her words were, “29th November . Save The Date”. In Ghana when someone says Save The Date, it only means one thing, Marriage. Could the love birds be planning a wedding to finally legalise their relationship? Time will definitely tell.


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