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‘Osofo Kyiriabosom Secretly Married His Two Maidservants On Same Day’; Wife of Osofo Kyiriabosom Sp!ts Out

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Over the weekend, Ghanaians were shocked to the bone when Popular Man of Ghana, Osofo Kyiriabosom revealed that he is no more married to his wife .

Explaining further, he stated that he has part ways with his wife due to the fact that after getting a new baby with another lady ,his wife decided to take him to court for divorce.

However , there are indications that there is more news to the entire story as  Osofo Kyiriabosom’s wife has finally ended her moment of silence.

According to the former wife of  Osofo Kyiriabosom,Princess Nyarko,  the Man of God has children from two of his maids that he slept with .

She further indicated that Osofo Kyiriabosom secretly married the two maids on the same day and she was not even informed .

Princess Nyarko also revealed that Osofo Kyiriabosom has always made it known that he wants to marry many women and had been seeing different women at her blind side.

Princess Nyarko who has been separated from Osofo Kyiriabosom for the past year also noted that she is not envious of the properties of the Man of God but then she is entitled to some of the properties because she helped the Man of God to acquire them.

She also revealed other shocking news about the activities of Osofo Kyiriabosom which has to do with pursuing and having amorous relationships with different shades of women as well as the physical abuse she has received at the hands of the Man of God .

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