Opinion: AK Songstress, Concentrate On Your Less Vibrant Music Career And Stop Exposing Your Boobs On Social Media


Some years back, it was easy to name AK Songstress as one of the top Reggae Dancehall artistes with hit tunes in the country.

However, in recent times , her relevance, popularity as well as her ability to churn out hit tunes seems to have dwindled with so much speed.

So far as I am not a Prophet of music, I won’t waste my time trying to figure out what the problem could be.

However, there is one thing that I have realised about AK Songstress so far as her Instagram account is concerned.

As an artiste, it is obviously not wrong for her to have a social media account and post pictures and videos for her own pleasure and that of her fans.

However, considering how her music career is on a diminishing path, she needs to concentrate less on social media and concentrate on resurrecting her music career which is dying slowly.

As a matter, it is obvious that most of her pictures on Instagram are that in which she is seen in a bra and in some instances ,exposing her boobs.

It is good to have nice boobs but AK Songstress needs to put a stop to showing off her bra and boobs on social media.

Perhaps, she has decided to work harder on her photos on social media and forget about her music career.

By the way, when was the last time AK Songstress released a nationwide hit song?

What is the last hit song from AK Songstress that you can remember?

This is my sincere observation about AK Songstress and her music career.

I care less if she decides to ignore my advice but the fact is clear; her music career is not as vibrant as before.

Her bra and boobs life on social media has taken over her music career.

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