Ogidi Brown Issues Warning To Cryme Officer Over OGB Music Logo


The misunderstanding between Ogidi Brown and Cryme Officer is set to take a different turn as Ogibi Brown has issued a stern warning to his former artiste.

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Ogidi Brown has taken to social media asking Cryme Officer to take off his OGB Music logo from the artwork of his new song titled ‘Over’ which is to be released today by 4pm.

The warning came up after Cryme Officer had posted the artwork for ‘Over’ and had indicated that the song is his last song before he says goodbye to Ogidi Brown and OGB music.

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He also indicated that everything happens for a reason and that it was really nice working with Ogibi Brown and OGB Music.

Would Cryme Officer take off the OGB music logo before ‘over’ is released? What is Ogibi Brown likely to do if Cryme Officer isn’t able to take off the logo?

Source: megashowbiz.com


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