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New Music :Amerado Finally Drops Letter To Strongman

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Following his post on social media that he would be dropping ‘Red Letter To Strongman’ , Ghanaian rapper Amerado has just done that .

Over a period of time now, there has been a silent f!ght about who is greater than the other and definitely to prove a point , Amerado had to do that through music.

Check out the Letter here :

In his social media post , Amerado noted that time is due and at 6pm on January 6,2023 he would be dropping ‘Red Letter To Strongman’.

Even before dropping the song , Strongman took to social media to indicate that he is truly great and that other musicians such as Amerado continue to deceive themselves with dishonest assertions about their greatness  .

Now that Amerado has released ‘A Red Letter To Strongman’, fans of both artistes would be wondering if they should expect a reply from Strongman.

On countless occassions during interviews, Strongman has made it categorically clear that he wont reply any artiste if he is bigger than that artiste and does not stand to gain anything in having a banter against any artiste.

Lets just keep our fingers crossed and witness what would happen next now that Amerado has released his letter to Strongman.

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