Never Make An Attempt To Declare Results Until You Address Our Grievances- NDC Petitions Electoral Commission


Based on a submission by Tei Okunor of the NDC at its press conference, it is obvious that the Electoral Commission may not be able to declare the results of the 2020 Presidential and Parliamentary Elections anytime soon.

I Never Campaigned For The 2020 Presidential And Parliamentary Elections- Akua Donkor

This is due to the fact that the NDC has petitioned the Electoral Commission not to declare the results till it is able to explain the excess votes counted for the Presidential Elections over the Parliamentary Elections in some sections of the Ashanti Region.

At the NDC Press Conference, a presentation was made of the various areas where there was a clear increase in the thousands of votes for the Presidential Elections over the Parliamentary Elections.

Electoral Commission Issues Statement Ahead Of Declaration Of Election Results

NDC believes the excess votes for the Presidential Elections in the areas they mentioned is due to the fact that the NPP stuffed ballot boxes with already thumb-printed ballot papers.



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