NDC’s Alban Bagbin Tipped To Have Been Elected As Speaker Of Parliament After Over 9 Hours of Drama, Shame And Disgrace


From about 9pm when the NDC MPs stormed Parliament House, it has been one act of drama, shame and disgrace after the other.

The NDC MPs decided to sit at the right-hand side of the Speaker of Parliament signifying that they form Majority in Parliament.

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This incurred the wrath of the NPP MPs which resulted in a heated argument on the floor of the house.

Apart from the nasty incidences experienced at the house, it has been reported that an NPP MP, Carlos Ahenkorah decided to snatch the ballot box used for the election of the Speaker of Parliament.

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He was chased by the NDC MPs and some security men and eventually overpowered.

This spectacle caused some uproar and confusion in the Parliament House and subsequently saw the NDC MPs jubilating because of their belief that Hon.Alban Bagbin had won the elections and needed to be sworn in as Speaker of Parliament.

Source: megashowbiz.com


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