Nayas Hits Back At Ex-boyfriend, Ernest Opoku, For Claiming He Slept With Her Once


Nayas has hit back at her ex-boyfriend, Ernest Opoku for claiming on live radio that he only had a one-night stand with her and nothing resembling a serious relationship as she claimed in 2018.

Ernest Opoku in an interview with Fiifi Pratt disclosed that he never thought of dating Nayas and that it was Nayas who lured him into bed.

According to Nayas who is now married, she and Ernest Opoku banged multiple times and that Ernest is a big liar for claiming it was just a one-night stand affair.

Nayas disclosed that they were very serious about each other and even planned on getting married a year on into their relationship.

Nayas said that she could not understand why a gospel musician like Ernest Opoku would sit on radio and lie.

But wait a minute, why’s Nayas shocked about Ernest Opoku lying? If a gospel musician was able to bang the hell out you multiple times and dump you, then why can’t he lie too?





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