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Nana Agradaa, A Big Disgrace To Christianity Meddling In Her Folly

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In this country, everyone has the right to practice any religion and due to this ,there are many Christian churches spread all over the country.

However, quite unfortunately we have so many fraudsters, confidence tricksters, occultist and etc disguising themselves as Men and Women of God.

One of such nonentities is Nana Agradaa. It’s very funny and quite disturbing that she is running a church and has church members under her.

How on this earth did that happen? In as much as Christianity transcends human understanding, what kind of sense runs through her church members.

I really apologize for my strong words but I can’t help it. I can’t imagine how adults with a sound mind would decide to associate themselves with Nana Agradaa and see her as a Woman of God.

If her church members may have forgotten ,then they need to be reminded that she used to be fetish priestess who devised dubious ways in dealing and duping people who patronized her.

It’s good news if she has indeed repented and turn onto God.

However, anyone who thinks her so-called repentance is genuine is living in a fools world and most importantly is a fool; no apologies.

When she was a fetish priestess, her activities got her in the hands of the law.

Even as a Woman of God, isn’t her activities still getting her arrested by Ghana Police?

Without mincing words, Nana Agradaa is not a true Woman of God; I won’t be surprised if she is unhealthy upstairs just because of her actions and inactions.

As a matter of fact, she is a huge disgrace to Christianity and she needs to be stopped in her tracks as a matter of urgency.

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She is just a clown without common sense who has like-minded people following her with the excuse that they are worshipping God through her.

Absolute foolishness and stupidity at the highest level! Regardless of the freedom of worship, Agradaa’s church needs to be closed down and some common sense placed in the minds of her church members.

What at all do they see in Nana Agradaa? I rest my case for now .

I would put more ink into my diabolic pen and do the needful . I will be back soon. Nana Agradaa, a nonentity of a person and a disgrace to Christianity.

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