Meet Miller Greg, One Of Ghana’s Best Comedians To The World


Miller Greg is a Ghanaian comedian who has had the chance to perform at several great comedy shows all over the country and even beyond.

Miller Greg has so far performed at Comedy Express,Laughline, Luxurious Comedy Show
The Emerging Entertainment awards ,Laugh Kitchen and many more.

He has been hosting his own comedy show dubbed Atmosphere Of Laughter and was part of the comedians who thrilled patrons at the New Year Comedy Show held at Alisa Hotel on January 1,2021.

Over the past few years as a stand-up Comedian, Miller Greg has  had the chance to meet other great comedians who have helped to mentor him to become  one of the finest comedians in Ghana.

Hailing from the Volta region, his  family has been very supportive and that has helped him build the interest in promoting his craft.

Growing up, Miller Greg  used to watch series of Nigerian comedians perform, and  his family usually bought cassettes of their performances and  and that was how his interest in comedy started from.

He is looking forward to taking the world by surprise as he believes  he has  all what it takes to rock international platforms.

He is not just clinged to comedy but his versatility has made him a great MC and his  prowess in directing and acting movies has grown over the years.

Miller Greg is a very  positive person  and as such it is his  positive energy that keeps him soaring higher and higher so far as comedy is concerned. 

Miller Greg would be having his ‘Atmosphere Of Laughter’ show on February 27,2021 at the Mikaddo Conference Centre at 7pm. Watch out on this portal for more details soon.



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