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 Living And Coping With Depression Effectively

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Often than not , some people link sadness to depression. The fact to be noted is that depression is very different from sadness.

Depression goes beyond sadness as it brings in its wake so many attributes .Depression in itself is a common but serious medical illness that has a way of negatively disrupting how you feel, your actions as well as your thoughts.

When you get depressed ,it can lead to several emotional,psychological and physical  problems which when not handled properly can be life-threatening .Once some one gets depressed , the feeling of being worthless or guilty sets in, thoughts of death and suicide also manifest and the difficulty in thinking or taking decisions can be experienced .

Depression could also lead to changes in appetite and eating pattern, feeling sad ,losing interest in things one used yo enjoy or difficulty in sleep or in some cases over-sleeping. It must be emphasized that regardless of how disturbing depression could be , it is treatable .

 Apart from the fact that depression can be treated , there are certain steps that a person suffering from depression could live a meaning life and still cope with it .

Building A Network Of Family & Friends

The presence of a support network which could be friends or family plays an important role in the life of a person suffering from depression . A person suffering from depression needs all the love and attention of family and friends as that really helps in the healing process.

Do Away With Negative Thoughts

Depression has a way of making one have negative thoughts all the time but if one is able to train him/herself to do away with negative thoughts, it would be very helpful. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is (CBT) is a type of therapy that works to alter common patterns of negative thinking called cognitive distortions in order to eliminate depression. A person with depression can also give a CBT a try.

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No Need To Entertain Stress

The more one gets stressed, the more it can lead to depression . It is very important that anyone who suffers from depression engages in techniques that would help to reduce stress. If stress is not curtailed , there is the possibility of having depression set in.

Get Good Sleep

Getting a good sleep helps in living and coping with depression . Anyone  depression with depression should ensure not to use the bed for anything else apart from sleep and sex. A good sleep is an important factor that needs to be adhered to to improve one’s life so as depression is concerned .

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