Lawyers Of Wendy Shay Deal With YouTube Over Pulling Down Of ‘Pray For The World’


From all indications , Wendy Shay’s music video for ‘Pray for the World’ has been pulled off from YouTube for alleged copyright infringement.

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However, Wendy Shay has indicated that her lawyers are dealing with YouTube over the issue.

She made these known in response to a post by MOG Beatz who just could not understand and believe that the music video has been pulled off YouTube.

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MOG Beatz indicated that he is angry over the issue and has also stated that he is very disappointed with the way Wendy Shay seems to be hated in the music industry.

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According to Wendy Shay, she is going to fight for her right especially as ‘Pray for the World’ does not sound like the popular ‘Jerusalema’ especially as they have different chord progressions.


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