Kobi Rana ‘Fingers’ Ghana Tourism Authority Over Banning Of ‘Freedom and Justice’ Premiere


In as much as movie producer, dancer and musician, Kobi Rana had everything set out to premiere his ‘Freedom and Justice’ movie, that plan has been squashed .

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This is due to the fact that the Ghana Tourism Authority has banned the premiere of the movie at the various centres.

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Obviously, disgusted at the current turn of events, Kobi Rana has taken to social media to pen a long statement accusing the Ghana Tourism Authority of wrongfully and intentionally sabotaging his premiere.

Social Media Guy Accuse Four Ghanaian Actors Of Spending Ghana’s Money In Dubai

Check his statement below:

WE DID NOT DO CINEMA. Cinemas were out of our list. The president’s 20th address stated cinemas remain closed.

Tourism Authority went to the schools to intimidate them with over 20 armed police men. Are the schools cinema? Why don’t you add the second fake reason you sent to the schools too? That they have not registered with Tourism Authority to do entertainment. NO SCHOOL OR HOTEL NEEDS PERMISSION FROM TOURISM AUTHORITY TO HOLD EVENTS IN THEIR OWN PROPERTY. Does a school have to ask permission to do entertainment?

TOTAL DESTRUCTION FOR US WHO HAVE BEEN PROVIDING CREATIVE ARTS FOR THE NATION FOR OVER 17 YEARS. Employing over 4000 people from production to our regional shows.

You went to intimidate them BECAUSE OF THE MOVIE and because your boss who gave the order is a PART OWNER of the cinema at the mall. You think we don’t know? He has a problem that his cinema is closed and we are still successfully moving. I left that cinema years ago with my crowd. We were making and showing movies before that cinema was built and we ALWAYS WILL. Supression. Injustice.

His Excellency the president means well for creative arts. Ghana Tourism Authority had no legal right destroying our hard earned project. FREEDOM AND JUSTICE IS A MOVIE FOR NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT. Thousands of Ghanaians passionately paid for the movie tickets. Imagine the disappointment, discouragement and damage to the movie industry.



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