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King Nasir To Raise $25,000 To Give Shugatiti An Orgasm

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Adult Movie star, King Nasir seems to be really keen on having an encounter with Ghanaian actress, Shugatiti in a bid to have her experience an orgasm.

His eagerness in that direction is due to the fact that the Ghanaian actress indicated in an exclusive interview with Zionfelix that no man can satisfy her and let her have an orgasm.

In this regard , King Nasir seeks to raise about $25,000 and according to a social media post , the amount of money help secure funding for broadcasting/live PPV, set design, staff, etc.

Out of the $25,000 which is the target , it seems an amount of $461.09 have been realized so far .

In spite of all these , the concern to be raised is if indeed there would be an opportunity for King Nasir to meet Shugatiti for a possible showdown to find out if King Nasir would be able to make Shugatiti experience an orgasm and if Shugatiti would be able to withstand the strength of King Nasir under the sheets for as long as possible especially as she indicates that she can have intimacy the whole day .

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