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John Mahama To Address Ghanaians On Collapsed Economy And Hardship

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Day in day out, prices of good and services in the country keeping rising , the cost of living has become very high and most Ghanaians are facing hardship with no hope in sight.

Unfortunately the man at the helm of affairs of the country, President Akufo Addo who promised to give Ghanaians the best of life before voted into power as well as his Vice President, Dr.Bawumia have not found the need to address the country on the current situation and the ways they would solve the huge problems Ghanaians are currently facing with respect to high inflation rates and the general hardship.

Obviously President Akufo Addo has failed all Ghanaians as it is obvious that he has no idea about how to manage the Ghanaian economy and make Ghanaians comfortable .

However, it looks like Former President John Mahama is really concerned about how the Ghanaian economy has been mismanaged so far by the NPP Government and has therefore decided to speak about the situation.

According to Felix Kwakye Ofosu, who happens to be a Former Minister of Communications of the Republic of Ghana and currently an aide to Former President John Mahama, the former President will speak on Ghana’s collapsed economy and the unprecedented hardships sweeping across the land and the way forward.

His address to the nation would come off on Thursday October 27,2022 at 7pm.

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