Is Funny Face Dying Anytime Soon? His Latest Post Raises Concern


Ghanaian comic actor, Funny Face has on countless times put up posts on social media which can easily be described as suicidal.

According to Funny Face, he will die like ‘terminator’ and would even step into acid with thumps up to his daughters and this seems to raise suspicions that he may be getting ready to die.

He indicates that his daughters should be made to know that he is a hero and that when he was alive, he laid down his life for them.

Funny Face has also asked for his daughters to be made aware of the fact that the pain of betrayal from their mother was too much for him .

Is Funny Face trying to say goodbye to his daughters before he dies?

His situation is getting bad almost by a second and it may not come as a surprise if he tries something absurd like ending his own life.






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