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Important Reasons To Rent A Home Rather Than Buying One

Important Reasons To Rent A Home Rather Than Buying One.

Most often than not it seems better to buy a home rather than to rent.

Buying and owning a home comes with its own advantages especially as renting is seen more as a temporary means of accommodation.

No matter what the case maybe ,renting in itself also comes with some benefits and these benefits are discussed below;

Property Taxes

Apart from buying the home, there are other expenses that one would have to make.

When one buys a  home expenses such as insurance, homeowner association fees, and maintenance are incurred as well as property taxes.

 However, in the case of a rented home,not much taxes are charged .

Enough Freedom To Move To Different Locations

It may be very economical to buy a home if the funds are available to do but if that is not the case, one would have to rent .

When it comes to renting, one has the luxury of moving from one location to the other.

 One would be able to rent a place that is very close to one’s office or based on the requirements and preference of the person. However, with buying a home, the location of the home is fixed and permanent.

More Cash To Invest Elsewhere

Its a known that one would need much cash to buy a home as compared to renting one.

When one decides to rent a home, that person would be able to have some money left that can be channeled into some other investments to yield better returns over a period of time.

Security Concerns

Renting, particularly in a large complex, can offer better security simply because there are more people around to deter criminals or to come to your aid if you need help.

Many of rented apartments do have have extensive security protocols in place and some even have security guards. 

However ,when buys a home, one would be expected to install a home security system which could be very expensive.

Buying And Selling A House Isn’t Easy

Most often than not , the processes one may have to go through in order to buy or sell a home is very stressful.

However, with renting a home, the processes are quite simpler. With buying a home, one needs to get the agreement of the seller with respect to the selling price.

In actual fact , to buy a home, one needs so much cash but for renting ,one only needs to pay for the home only for a specific period of time .

Limited House Chores

The amount of house chores one needs to undertake for a rented home is quite less than that of a bought home.

For a bought home, one would have to keep the home and property in reasonably decent condition and that would mean that one would have to engage in lawn mowing, painting, gardening, hedge trimming and cleaning gutters to name only a few.

Much of the time, renters do not have to worry about these time-sucking inconveniences.

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