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Imani Duckett- Net Worth , Relationship Status And Education

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Imani Duckett is a very famous American actress and she became notable due to the Luna role she played in Open. Open was released in 2020.

Her full name is Imanu Guy Duckett and it has been established that her call into limelight was occasioned by the fact that her parents had fame.

Her parents are Jasmine Guy who is also an American movie and series actor and Terrence Duckett. Imani Duckett was born in New York on March 28, 1999 and she is 5 feet 6 inches in height ; and this is approximately  167cm.

She has black eyes to match her black hair .Impressively, Imani Duckett did not experience any difficulties in her childhood days by way of education and quality  of life and this was due to the fact that her parents had a good background .

Imani Duckett hasn’t been involved in any major controversy and most of the time, she loves to keep her life off social media.

Net Worth of Imani Duckett

In as much as Imani Duckett is worth several millions of dollars, her net worth is yet to be updated .However, she lives a luxurious life in the United States of America. Her mum has a total networth of $4 million which was earned mainly through singing , acting as well as dancing career.

Educational Background of Imani Duckett

Not much is known about the educational background of Imani Duckett due to the luxurious lifesttyle she has , it is believed that she may have attended the best of schools and had the best of studies .

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Relationship Status of Imani Duckett

Interestingly not much is known about whether Imani Duckett is dating or not . And this is due to the fact that she likes to keep her relationship status to herself and out of the public domain .

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