I Am Spoilt And Still In Trouble With My Family-Stephanie Benson


Ghanaian musician, Stephanie Benson has revealed that even at age 50, she is a big mouth, spoilt and still in trouble with her family.

Regardless, she maintains that she is happily married.

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Stephanie Benson has further revealed that at an early age, her father encouraged her to be very vocal and speak her mind ; unfortunately it landed her into trouble at school at all times.

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At age 21, she emphasizes that she was still  spoilt , a big mouth and in trouble with her African family.

Can you imagine how crazy it is to look at yourself from 5 years old to now… At 5, my father encouraged me to speak my mind, And I always got into trouble at school. At 21, I was spoilt, a big mouth and in trouble with my African family. At 50, I am a big mouth, spoilt, still in trouble with my family, married and very happy. 😂 Much too late now to care.



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