I Am Not Happy ; I Need A Man In My Life- Ghanaian Actress Confesses


Even though you may see some Ghanaian celebrities full of smiles and almost always happy, it is important to note that not all of them are happy just as Ghanaian actress, Cynthia Tima Yeboah has confirmed.

Speaking to Delay on the Delay Show dubbed Delay TV. Ghanaian actress and TV Personality , Cynthia Tima Yeboah who is @iamtimakumkum on social media , has opened up on how she feels due to the fact that she has no man in her life.

According to her, she is not happy and this is due to the fact that she has no man in her life.

Cynthia Tima Yeboah indicated that there are some days she would want to share how things went on during a day’s work but doesn’t have anyone in her life to call and just talk to.

Its quite unusual for a known figure to really open up about how she feels because she is single.

Most celebrities would love to pretend they are really happy even when they are not and need a man in their life.



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