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How To Realize When Your Man Is No More Interested In You

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Its always a nice feeling to be in love. However, there are times when your man may lose interest in you and in the relationship.

When it happens so, most men are not able to make it point blank to their ladies that they would want a break up.

In such situations, the men tend to change their attitude towards the ladies but most importantly, there are certain signs that ladies can watch out to get the confirmation that the man has lost interest in the relationship.

Loss Of Interest

When a man loses interest in the relationship, it can be determined by the loss of interest in the lady. Certain things that the man used to do with or for the lady , he would stop doing them. He would no more  be concerned about the lady and may totally ignore her .

Communication Would Be Cut

For every relationship or love affair to stay strong,communication is key. However, when a man suddenly stops talking to or communicating with his partner ,it is a sure sign that he has lost interest in her as well as the relationship.

Man Suddenly Becomes Extremely Busy

Even though the man’s schedule may not  have changed, he suddenly becomes too busy to attend to the needs of the lady.Constantly ,he would give excuses why he would not be able to attend to the lady even if the reasons are not tangible enough.

He Starts A Lot Of Arguments

More often than not, when a man loses interest in a relationship, any action or utterance by the lady becomes a nuisance to him.

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Due to this ,he is likely to engage in a lot of arguments with the lady.Even in instances where he needs not argue, he could take offence and start a heated argument with the lady. Whenever your man unnecessarily engages you in an argument, it is very likely he may lost interest in the relationship.

Spark Of The Relationship Fades Off

Whenever a man loses interest in a relationship, it tends to affect the spark, happiness and excitement initially experienced in the relationship. The initial happiness exhibited by the man anytime he sets eyes on the lady fades off. The exciting nights of you guys not being able to keep your hands off each other, has dimmed down in excitement.

 When You’re Away, He Doesn’t Care

It wasn’t too long ago when he would ask you about your exact location.

Nowadays, he could care less, and that’s bothering you. An eye-opening situation would be if you attend a party without him and he doesn’t seem to care that you’re going.

It’s better to compare how he used to react in this situation to how he acts now. He went to anxiety bound to nonchalant reactions.

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