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How To Study A PhD In Canada

There are numerous scholarship opportunities available for postgraduate students and those eagerly waiting to achieve their doctorate degree in Canada. The Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship (Vanier CGS) which helps postgraduates further their education to achieve their doctoral degree is provided by the government of Canada to facilitate the dream of financially unstable students.

The Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship is applicable to over 20 universities across Canada.Details on how to gain PhD from Canada with the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship is elaborated below.


The Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship is awarded to about 166 eligible students annually.


Eligible or selected students receive an amount of up to $35393 per year.


The scholarship is active for three years.

Application deadline

The Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship is open for application mostly starting from April and end in November. 

Funding organization 

Funded by the Government of Canada.

Type of scholarship 

Merit- based or need-based.


Yes, annually. ( Though it is active for three years, funds allocation to students is renewed annually).

Eligibility criteria 

Submission or fulfilment of the following criteria is compulsory for all applicants in order to be granted the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship award. 

• Citizenship: Canadian citizens, permanent residents in Canada and international students.

• Nomination: Must be selected by only one Canadian university approved under the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship like UofT, Ucalgary etc.

How To Study A PhD In Canada

• Area of research: Natural Sciences and/or engineering research, Health research, Social sciences and humanities research.

• Level of study: Must be pursuing a first Canadian doctoral degree which involves a UG/PG program like MD/PH.D., DVM/PH.D., JD/PH.D. 

• Academic Score: Must have a first class GPA in each of the last two years of full time study.

• Must not have enjoyed scholarships of fellowships from any of the granting agencies ( NSERC, CIHR, SSHRC) in Canada before their application. 

NB: The Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship is eligible to fund only the PhD Portion of a combined degree of qualified applicants.

Application process

The initiation of the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship is done in two ways where 

✓ Applicants make the graduate department of their chosen university aware about their aim to apply for the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship opportunity.

✓ The institution review the students and make selections by nominating well deserving students.

These two processes must be done before applicants carry on with other processes for the scholarship.

Application requirements 

❖ A research Net application form.

❖ A common Canadian CV.

❖ Research contribution( one page).

❖ Project references ( max. of 5 pages)

❖ Leadership letters of references.

❖ A prove of your first class Grade point Average.

More information the scholarship’s website Link.

Selection process 

The Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship’s selection is based on three factors;

o Academic excellence

o Research Ability

o Leadership role 

Applicants must possess all these abilities or qualifications in their bid for the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship.

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