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Top 10 Scholarship for Chad students to study in Canada

The Canadian scholarship trust is a foundation geared towards the aid of students hesitating to seek for financial assistance. It is awarded to students in need who are eagerly forcing to have access to post secondary education with the aim to further their education.

All Canadian post secondary programs such as University degrees and apprenticeships are eligible for the bursaries of the Canadian scholarship trust. At the tail of this article, readers will get to know how to apply for scholarship in Canada via the Canadian scholarship trust abbreviated as CST.

These funds can be used to pay tuition fees and other wants such as books, supplies and living expenses. This year, the foundation is willing to award 25 bursaries each worth $6000.


High school graduates are to meet specific requirements of the foundation. The following are some of the requirements to be met:

Nationality: Since it is a Canadian based foundation, applicants must be Canadian citizens, permanent residents or a very protected person in Canada.

High School Completion: Students should have completed High School education to make tertiary education accessibility easier.

Tertiary Admission: Applicants should be granted admission at a credible University in Canada with an evidence of an admission letter.

Financial Instability: They must also prove they are financially unstable before they could be helped since the purpose of the foundation is to help the poor.

Family education background: Applicants should also be the first person in their family to have access to tertiary education. Here, the parents of applicants are used as a yardstick or a determiner as to whether their children will be qualified for the scholarship or not— both parents of applicants should be a couple who didn’t have access to either college or University education before applicants can be given the scholarship.


The Canadian scholarship trust receives all applications from their online portal ( The requirements actually vary from year to year but mostly they demand;

Transcript: Applicant’s current high school transcript to serve as a confirmation to their participation in high school education.

Reference letter: A reference letter addressed to the Canadian scholarship trust foundation that recommends applicants in order to figure out they are not deviants.

Personal Statement: a personal statement about the applicant’s financial need.

Short Essay and Admission Letter: A one short essay and an admission letter showing or confirming the admission of applicants in a credible University.

The Canadian scholarship trust foundation which through its own partnerships and activities supports needy Canadian students upon further requirements from applicants is much keen to putting smiles on the faces of the hopeless by providing all financial aid to qualified applicants.

Though the application date varies, applications are mostly welcomed in April and due in May. Results and selection of qualified applicants are also made in June and bursaries are distributed during summer.

More information can be found about CST by contacting this number (1-877-876-8305).                                                   

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