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Top 10 Scholarship for Chad students to study in Canada

The Canadian government provides scholarship for students looking forward to further their education to higher grounds. The government of Canada offers scholarships to mostly masters students and in some cases students offering doctoral degrees in Canada. The government takes pleasure in financially aiding needy and high spirited students to escalate their education life. A renowned scholarship known as the Canada Graduate Scholarship (CGS) aids about 2500 students yearly in all disciplines through Canada’s federal granting agencies; CIHR, NSERC and SSHRC.

More information @ SGS website. 


Up to $17500.

Funding organizations: 

All three of Canada’s  granting agencies; CIHR info @  NSERC@  And SSHRC @


4 to 12 months ( Unable to renew after 12 months)

Is it for everyone?

The Canada Graduate Scholarship is certainly not for everyone. To be eligible, applicants must; 

➢ Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada or protected person in Canada under subsection 95(2) of the Immigration and refugee protection act (Canada) .

➢ Be enrolled in, have applied or willing to apply for full time program at masters level or doctoral level in a Canadian institution with the Canada Graduate Scholarship accreditation.

➢ Stay within the time of application ( in other words, applicants must respect the deadline for application.) 

➢ Have completed degree program or master program as of December 31 of the year of application

➢ Not have previously gained the Canada Graduate Scholarship. ( The scholarship is for once in a lifetime.)

➢ Have achieved a first class or grade point average that suits the eligibility criteria of the scholarship.( 3.5 GPA or above)

Application deadline 

Contact the Canadian graduate scholarship department for application deadline as it can be variable but mostly December 1 of the year of application.

Applicants process;

Applicants must submit an application with the aid of the research portal of the Canada Graduate Scholarship. Applications are not considered or welcomed after the deadline for submission. The instructions given by the research portal restricts applicants to only three institutions they are or intend to be enrolled in.

Applicants must strictly select institutions based on where;

▪ They are currently enrolled for a full time masters or doctoral program.

▪ They will apply for full time program.

Application requirements 

o Identification

o Summary of proposal ( in lay language)

o Activity details.

o Attachments

o Canadian common CV.

o Reference assessment or recommendation letter.


In some institutions, selections are made at the departmental level so it is very advisable to select the same department as to which you will apply for admission or else your application will not be considered.

For more information; 


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