By | January 23, 2024
15 Scholarships for Equatorial Guinea Students in Canada 2024

Higher education in Canada can be very expensive sometimes. In order to cater for your tuition, accommodation fees and living expenses, you will likely need to access various financial aids options available. In this article, w are going to explain to you the various financial aids in Canada. Below are some of the financial aids available:

Through Scholarships and Bursaries

There are various scholarships and bursaries available in Canada and in your home country if you are applying as an international student. Scholarships are given as a result of an extraordinary academic work whereas bursaries  are available for students who meet specific and precise financial requirements.

As an international student, you do not need to be accepted into the school before you begin to apply for a scholarship, you can apply for it even in your home country. Although some may require you to report that you’ve been accepted into a higher education institution, many don’t have this requirement.

Another excellent option for finding scholarships around is by using the account

Through Canadian Government Aid

The Canadian government provides a few financial aid options for both international and native Canadian students. By accessing the Government of Canada International Scholarship website,  you will be able to go through awards are currently up and running.

Through Student Loans students can access to study in Canada.

There are two main forms of accessing student loans in Canada. They are:

  1. A federal student Loan
  2. A private student Loan

Federal Students Loan.

The federal students loan is the one provided by the government of Canada.The Canadian Government allows for students to borrow money with the expectation of eventual repayment of the amount borrowed plus interest.

Private Students Loan

The private students loan is the on provided by the private organizations and businesses in Canada.

Note: make sure to borrow an amount that you can pay for when the time is due, loans are not borrowed to be used on luxury items.

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