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Getting Your Man Excited All The Time And Staying Faithful  To You

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It is not enough to win the heart of your man . Of much importance is how you are able to excite him all the time for him to stay faithful to you  and be satisfied.

It can be very frustrating if you are with a man but you aren’t so sure if he is really yours. The feeling that your man is entirely yours is a great feeling for every woman and as such every woman needs to know how to keep a man to herself .

Even though you are able to get intimate with him all the time , it is still possible that he may not be happy in the relationship. When that happens , he would not be faithful especially as he is never with you .

Respect Your Man

It does not matter what you do for a man; if you do not show him maximum respect  , there is no way he would want to stay faithful to you.

Men are created in such a way that they always want to feel they are the ones in charge and as such if you try to rub shoulders with your man and disrespect , he would definitely not be happy with you . A ‘disrespected’ man would seek refuge where he is respected and at the same time showed love .

Let Your Man Be Your Priority

If a woman really wants to get his man excited and faithful , it is imperative for the woman to note that everything about the man and his well-being should be her topmost priority. Men love to be given attention by their woman anytime there is an opportunity.

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If a woman wants to keep his man away from her and not excited, giving the man less attention is the key . Men love to be treated as special people and if a woman does that , she is definitely on the right path to make her man excited and stay faithful to her.

Never Deny Him Of Sex

In a relationship it is very possible to face challenges but the way and manner in which you handle the challenge would tell if your man would want to stay faithful to you or not .

n as much as it may be difficult , never deny your man of sex just because of the fact that you two may be having issues.Many women are fond of using sex as a ‘fighting’ tool against their men but that posture would rather drive the man away for him to focus on another lady.

Funny as it may seem, never deny your man even if you are so angry or hurt by his actions; when you are able to do this, your man would not have any reason to stay unfaithful to you. Even though he may not show it , he would be so happy with you , appreciate your love and stay faithful to you .

Trust Your Man

It does not really matter whether you suspect your man could be cheating on you ; let him know and realize that you trust him so much .

Trusting your man has a link with the respect you have for him . If your trust for your man leads to respect for him, it would be very difficult for your man to look into the direction of a different lady.

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He would be happy and excited with you and ultimately , he would stay faithful and satisfied with you .

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