Funny Face Loses 3 Contracts Due To Issues With Baby Mama


Without any doubt, Ghanaian actor, Funny Face is going through a bout of depression so far as his issue with his baby mama, Vanessa is concerned.

Most of the posts by Funny Face on social media prove that he is really down and shattered even though he is pretending to be fine.

According to him, he has been shattered ,destroyed and lied on all in a bid to end his career and made it known that he has already had three of his contracts cancelled so far due to the current emotional stage he is experiencing now.

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Beyond this , Funny Face has beaten the war drums against Rashad who is a blogger and this is due to the fact, he has been fingered to be a lie peddler with respect to the  Vanessa issue.

He has promised to deal with Rashad and disgrace him on YouTube.




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