Funny Face Confesses He Is Suffering From Depression And Nearly Committed Suicide


For sometime, the misunderstanding between Ghanaian comic actor, Funny Face and his baby mama, Vanessa has been all over the place on social media.

Funny Face has taken to social media to indicate that he nearly committed suicide recently due to the pain and sorrow he was experiencing.

He has further stated that depression and pain out of betrayal is very real and has the capacity and ability of making one mad.

Funny Face has noted that one must stop living life for others but for oneself emphasizing that depression is the only ailment that keeps driving one to end his or her life as it makes people feel they are losers in life.

In the past few days, Funny Face has been posting several videos on social media to prove that his baby Mama was always verbally and physically abusing him in his own house.





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