Find Out Why DKB Has Dragged Akuapem Poloo To Ghana Police


Ghanaian comedian and Presenter, DKB has surprisingly dragged Akuapem Poloo to Ghana Police for tarnishing his image and reputation on social media.

Citing the statement that DKB wrote at the Police Station he reported the issue to, it has been established that DKB decided to report Akuapem Poloo to Ghana for defamation due to the fact that Akuapem Poloo had accused him of keeping to himself an amount of 4,000 which she claims had been given by one Madam Alice during the time she was in police custody.

According to DKB, Akuapem Poloo could have decided to be a defamer or ungrateful but unfortunately she decided to be both ungrateful and a defamer.

DKB has sworn on every sweat ,blood and insults that he has received and the extent to which he fought and lent his support of ensuring that Akuapem Poloo is released from Police custody, that he would go the same extent to fight Akuapem Polo.

He further indicated that he has regretted all the help he offered Akuapem Poloo and has further stated that one must be careful when helping a Ghanaian.

The allegation by Akuapem Poloo that DKB has ‘stolen’ her 4,000 Ghana cedis given to her by one Madam Alice has come up because at the time she was in police custody, DKB was able to marshal the support of fans and sympathisers of Akuapem Poloo who gave out some cash to be given to her and for the upkeep of her son.


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