Check Out What Reggie Rockstone Means By Sexual Fufu


Fufu is just a normal food and there is nothing sexual about it but Originator of Ghana’s Hiplife Music, Reggie Rockstone seems to have a different idea.

In as much as there is nothing sexual about fufu, Reggie Rockstone has taken to social media to described a fufu meal as sexual for obvious reasons.

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From his post, the fufu meal has some mushrooms with snails and the main reason why Reggie Rockstone is describing the meal as Sexual Fufu is due to the positioning on the mushroom and the snail.

Interestingly, the mushroom which looks like a man’s penis is seen positioned and directed to a snail which also looks the private part of a lady.

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Even though it is a meal ,it looks like a penis trying to find its way into the female private part. Would you say Reggie Rockstone is so naughty or he could just be having fun on social media.

Check out the fufu and conclude if it is indeed a sexual fufu or not.



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