Cecilia Marfo Shuts Up Joyce Blessing During Ministration And Commands Her To Go Back To Her Husband


Ghanaian musician and Prophetess Cecilia Marfo has without any doubt deepened the woes of Joyce Blessing over her divorce with her husband.

During a ministration at church, Cecilia Marfo snatched the microphone from Joyce Blessing preventing her from ministering.

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Amid speaking in tongues, Cecilia Marfo commanded Joyce Blessing to go back to her husband in the full glare of all those who were present during the service.

Totally embarrassed over the unfortunate spectacle, Joyce Blessing was later consoled by a gentleman who held her close to him.

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With this command from Cecilia Marfo, it is obvious that the issue between Joyce Blessing and her husband is far from over.

Meanwhile, Joyce Blessing has not commented or said a word about what happened during the ministration when Cecilia Marfo snatched a microphone from her and asked her to shut up.

Source: megashowbiz.com


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