BET-Hopeful Bandele EL Tops African Music Chart With ‘Bitcoin Balling’


All over the world, many people are beginning to enjoy the benefits of using bitcoin and as a matter of fact , International artiste, Bandele EL drives home the importance of bitcoin in his new song.

With the new song titled ‘Bitcoin Balling’, Bandele EL notifies his fans of the cashless life one can live by courtesy of bitcoin and how one can also become extremely wealthy.

Not only does he sing about bitcoin, but of emphasis is the fact that Bandele EL , as experienced and talented as he is, he uses the rhythm of afrobeats and rap to get his fans attracted to ‘Bitcoin Balling’ and to also enjoy it.

Without any doubt, ‘Bitcoin Balling’ needs to be on everyone’s playlist for the whole of the year and beyond so far as bitcoin still exists.

Bitcoin is the newest way to live a very comfortable life and also amass some wealth and listening to Bandele EL’s ‘Bitcoin Balling’ is the way to go.

The song is also doing so well and topping various African Music charts all over the world. 

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