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Boarding Schools in Canada

The fashion industry is a wonderful playground, especially for those who have a strong flair for fashion. Interestingly there are so many opportunities for you whether you are experienced or inexperienced. Read on to see the fashion schools in Canada.

How can I become a fashion designer in Canada?

To become a fashion designer in Canada, first, you must have a bubbling passion for fashion design. Then, complete high school and proceed to get a bachelor’s degree or diploma in fashion design. Ryerson University School of Fashion is your first option for a fashion design degree in Canada.

What is the requirement for fashion school in Canada?

To get into any school of fashion in Canada, first, browse the school’s admission requirements for their fashion program. Basically, all fashion schools in Canada will require you to have completed a high school diploma with a Grade 12 English Program.

Salary of a Fashion Designer?

A fashion designer can earn an average of $51,000 CAD annually depending on the organization they’re working for and their level in the organization.

List of the Best Fashion Schools in Canada

Now, if you have decided that you’re going to study in a fashion design school or university in Canada, here are the schools you should be looking at:

Ryerson University School of Fashion

Ryerson University, school of fashion is one of the leading fashion schools in Canada. Located in Toronto, Ontario, this school offers two bachelor’s and one Master’s degree program in Fashion.

Location: Downtown Toronto
Programs: Bachelor of Design (Fashion Design or Fashion Communication), Masters of Art
Length: Full-time 4 years (Bachelor) and Full-time 2 years (Masters of Art)
Tuition: $27462 (4-year Bachelor) and $30707 (Masters of Art) depending on the course registered.
Requirements: Portfolio, resumé, short essay. Mail-in submission.

George Brown college

Location: Toronto – Casa Loma Campus
Programs: Fashion Techniques and Design Program, Fashion Management Program, Fashion Business Industry Program, and International Fashion Development and Management Program
Length: 1 year (International Fashion Development) and 2 years (Fashion Techniques and Design, Fashion Management, Fashion Business Industry)
Tuition: $3,498.00 (International Fashion Development), and $7000 – $7300 for the other three 2-year programs.
Requirements: Grade 11 or 12 Math and Grade 12 English.

Lasalle College

Location: Montreal, Qc
Programs: Fashion Design and Fashion Marketing program
Length: Both programs are 3 years in length but there is an intensive option where you can finish the program in 2 years.

Humber College

Financial aids available:

Location: Toronto–North (205 Humber College Blvd.) and Lakeshore Campus (3199 Lake Shore Blvd W)
Programs: Fashion Arts, Fashion Management and Promotions, and Bachelor of Commerce–Fashion Management
Length: 1 year (Fashion Management and Promotions), 2 years (Fashion Arts), and 4 years (Bachelor of Commerce – Fashion Management)
Tuition: $5,349 (Fashion Management), $7370 (Fashion Arts), and $27485 (Bachelor of Commerce)
Requirements: A bachelor’s degree is required for the Fashion Management and Promotions course

Richard Robinson Fashion Design Academy

Location: Downtown Ottawa
Programs: Fashion Designer, Couturier programs and several part-time courses (Fashion Sketching, Haute Couture, Pattern Making, Textiles, Lingerie, Draping, Hat Making, and Marketing/Merchandising)
Length: 2 years for each program and 4 months per part-time course.
Tuition: $12,000 for the Fashion Designer program, $6500 for the Couturier program, and $295-$1000 for the part-time classes.
Requirements: High School Diploma and basic knowledge of sewing.

Seneca College Fashion

Location: Toronto, ON, Newnham Campus
Programs: Fashion Arts, Fashion Business, Fashion Business Management, and Fashion Studies.
Length: 1 year for the Fashion Studies program, and 2 years for the Fashion Business program, and 3 years for the Fashion Arts and Fashion Business Studies program.
Tuition: $10,618 for the Fashion Arts and Fashion Business Management programs, $7,078 for the Fashion Business program, and $3,539 for the Fashion Studies program.
Requirements: All programs require a high school diploma with a Grade 12 English credit. The Fashion Business and Fashion Business Management program also requires a Grade 12 Math credit. Mature students can also apply if over 19 years of age.

Sheridan College Fashion

This is one of the fashion schools in Canada with a textiles Studio providing a range of traditional and contemporary techniques and methods.

Coco Fashion Design Institute

Location: Toronto, 348 Ryding Ave.
Programs: Patternmaking and Garment Construction Certificate, Makeup Artistry Course, and Pattern Development for Fashion Design Diploma.
Length: 1 year for the diploma and certificate program and 6 days for the Makeup Artistry Course,

Lethbridge College

Location: Lethbridge, Alberta
Programs: Fashion Design and Marketing Certificate
Length: The program is 1 year in duration.
Tuition: Tuition for the Fashion Design and Marketing program is $11865.

Fanshawe College

Fanshawe College is another popular fashion design school in Canada. This Canadian fashion school offers a variety of higher education programs including course programs in Fashion.

Richard Robinson Fashion Design Academy

Richard Robinson Fashion Design Academy is the go-to place in Canada if you’re passionate about becoming a fashion designer.

This is one of the best fashion designing schools in Canada, having accreditation for its full-time program under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005.

Academy of Design

The International Academy of Design and Technology or simply the Academy of Design has been offering quality fashion designing programs since 1983.

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