By | January 24, 2024
15 Scholarships for Equatorial Guinea Students in Canada 2024

Popular Master’s Programs in Canada

The 1-year master’s programs in Canada can be pursued under degrees like Master of Arts, Master of Science, Master of Fine Arts, Master of Engineering, Master of Business Administration, etc. The 1 year courses in Canada are likely to emphasise traditional as well as hands-on learning experiences so that students are equally equipped with the necessary skills in a short span of time. Generally, the master’s courses are expected to start in September and involve a dissertation that one must submit by the end of the course. Some of the best universities offering 1-year masters programs in Canada are:

University of Toronto, Ontario
Ivey Business School at Western University, Ontario
Westford University College, Ontario
University of British Columbia
McGill University
University of Winnipeg

1 Year MS in Canada

Here are the major 1 year MS programs in Canada:

MS in Food Science by University of British Columbia
MS in Psychological Sciences by Lakehead University
MS in Health Sciences by University of Saskatchewan
MS in Data Science and Analytics by Ryerson University
MS in Biological Science by Ryerson University
MS in Biomedical Science and Commercialization by Mcmaster University

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